Is this the new official site for the Master Server Patch?

Yes! The original developers (Herr_Alien) & (The One) from LITHFAQ & TBBC has given us permission to make AvP2 MSP the new home and official site for the MSP. But AvP Unknown still has their official msp site where they work with us and you can can downlaod our patch here or from there (two trusted sites) both homes of the Master Server Patch http://avpunknown.com/avp2master (AVP UNKNOWN MSP SITE)

There are other other people and groups claiming to be the 'Official MSP team', which is the right one?

You're on the website of the official MSP! Anyone else who claims to be the owner of the MSP is making false claims, as we here at AVP2MSP were given permission to host the community master server, and we work closely with the developer to bring you new versions of bug fixes and optimizations.

Whenever I try to find a game it just closes the program! I am on Vista/7/8 etc !

Windows Vista & above has introduced a new feature that stops unwanted programs from starting and executing code on the users machine. However, this breaks a lot of compatibility with other programs. Turn off UAC and try it again. You can find the option in your user account which is accessible via the control panel.

It is possible to use this new master server with Primal Hunt?

Unfortunatley, no. The reason for this is because Sierra/Fox/Monolith never released the source code. The "source code" is required to make changes in the game. Without it, nothing can be changed. However, we do have a 'HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL' version of it, which is known to work but it's not true primal hunt and is best left alone for now.

Where can i get Aliens vs. Predator 2?

Easy! grab the AVP2 AIO EDITION (ALL IN ONE) Right here AVP2 AIO .

World version is different from the server.

This is caused either because the server is using a map pack (UMP2 for example), mods or because your AvP2 game installation was not updated to version before applying the patch. Uninstall the master server patch, apply the official patch, then re-install the master server patch.

Client MFC Application has stopped working.

Several firewall packages can interfere with the master server patch. Stop these programs if they are running on your machine:

AVG Webshield

Norton Internet Security

Norton Personal Firewall

If you still come across this error please visit the official avp2 commuinity discord server where they have a tech support to offer such help.

I can host a server but I can't join my own server?

This is caused by having different rez files specified on the command lines for the game server and the game client. The game client command line is the one visible when double clicking AvP2.exe -> Options. The game server has it's rez files specified in "customrez.txt". Make sure they are the same.

Also sometimes when you are trying to join your server from the same computer that is running the server, it may not work. A workaround for that is by manually entering a server by typing the IP:, and the port number the server is running on (default is 27888)

Is Linux supported with this patch?

Unfortunately we didn't succeed in building the needed binaries for Linux. Sorry.(Maybe one day?) But you can still host servers on linux via WINE, (Native Linux servers might be possible)

I get the error "could not write avp2p5.rez"? when installing the mod. Help?

Make sure you run the installer as an administrator.

Is this compatible with the Bunny server mod? or SGB Server Mod? or TBBC Server Mod?

Yes, it is. Install the Bunny/sgb/tbbc mod, then install the master server mod (and yes, install the dedicated server from the patch). Add the avp2p5.rez to the customrez.txt and you're good to go.