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New Map: Beaver Creek by The_One
by Smith

Enjoy this newly created map by AVP2 community member The_One. It is an AVP2 remake of Beaver Creek from the Halo franchise.

Beaver Creek

Download Here

Also visit PlanetLith by The_One for everything related to the Lithtech Engine.


Thank you everyone!
by Smith

We at the AVP2MSP team would like to thank all of the people of the AVPUnknown community for the great support we've received throughout our endeavor to create a Master Server. We aim to not only provide a way to enable the AVP2 online experience, but to provide the best experience possible to each and every player. As well as a special thanks to Mr. TBBC, without him, this would not be possible. This game and community has been around for a long time, and we aim to facilitate your multiplayer experience with fairness, honesty, and an environment where everybody can express themselves freely. We also encourage Game Server owners to share that same philosophy.

Have fun and remember, there are many players available to assist you in the AVPUnknown Community Discord.